Loor Steglin

Duros Demolitionist




“Loor, Wait for your moment.”

Loor remembered the words of his father as he set the timers. Just one more and he would be ready. He wasn’t sure who wanted him to blow up a school but Loor didn’t ask questions, he just did the job. Probably an insurance scam, they accounted for 90% of his work. He wasn’t concerned, he had done his homework, the cleaning crew had finished work 3 hours earlier. At this hour of the night there would be nobody inside. Property damage was one thing, mass murder was something else. Completly different payscale for one. He finished setting the last charge and headed back to his safe house. He’d lay low until things died down. He was almost back when the explosion went off.

Loor dropped the fuse he was building when the story came across the holonet. He had missed something. There was a class of children having a sleepover in the gymnasium. No survivors. Loor had picked the wrong moment.

A different job, a different place. Loor ducked out the front door of the cantina when the shooting started. Sloppy. He would have waited until there was nobody inside to set the charges, but the client wanted it done then. That meant this wasn’t an insurance scam; It was an assassination. He would move away from the cantina and set off the charges he had managed to set. With luck he could still collect on this job. The squad of troopers outside had other ideas. They wanted to take his weapons, his children. He wouldn’t fail them again. He would keep the safe until they were ready. He caressed them each until he found her.

“Wilma, it’s your moment.”

Loor Steglin

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