Antares Pendragon

Aleena Sharpshooter




Background – Antares Pendragon : Have Gun Will Travel

It’s tough being a little guy in a big universe, so when you find a niche you stick with it. Antares (not his real name, sarge declared that much too difficult to pronounce) found his place in the army as a sniper. They may not respect the little alien, but they respected the big blaster. His slight stature was a definite asset in the deadly game of hide and shoot that was his role in the crew. In a xenophobic universe he had found his place and was happy.

That is until stuff started turning missing, nothing worse than a thief. Get that rep and you might as well go for a walk in a minefield. Antares’ happy world was torn down when they discovered the loot in his locker. Never mind that it was stashed so high up that he would have needed a ladder to get it, the team would never trust him again. He was done and discharged dishonorably.

Things where pretty hard on the tiny lizard, hard enough that he was in a pawn shop near the base looking to trade his beloved rifle for rent money when fate smile upon him at last. Rickard Anzac (a rival sniper in Antares’ old unit) walked into the pawn shop with a bag of loot he wanted to turn into some ready cash. If Rickard had spotted the slight alien he might have been a bit more careful, but then again he might not have, he was an arrogant son of drunk nerfherder. For Antares noticed that some of the stuff Rickard was pawning did not belong to him, they belonged to his team, he had found the thief.

Rickard was the bastard that set him up – and he was going to pay.

Obligations: A Score to Settle, Crew
Ambitions: Expertise (Sniper)

Antares Pendragon

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