Rhee K'ahr

Chadra Fan Slicer


Rhee is a short, red-furred Chadra Fan slicer. Outside of his red fur, his most distinguishing feature is the matte black cybernetic brain implant on his head. He has been called Rhee K’ahr the Red


Rhee is currently employed by Prospero as a data acquisition specialist.

The party found him hiding from Imperials on the agriworld of Atorra and helped him escape with minimal fuss. He has offered knowledge of a secret installation “filled with riches” to the party in exchange for their help to collect it.

He was last seen in a garage on Feena with the droid D3-K01before the explosion that destroyed the building. He was presumed dead, but reports from Prospero say that he may still be alive.

Rhee K'ahr

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