Shadows In The Black

Find A Job. Keep Flying

Milk Run!

The crew of the Shrike stopped on Feena briefly to resupply after being on the run from Dusan and his men for 2 weeks. While restocking their supplies, Jarek caught wind of someone following them. Jarek was certain the leader was familiar but couldn’t place from where. He called in the rest of the group who curtailed their shopping sprees…. eventually and joined up.
Using a combination of stealth and intimidation, they avoided a major confrontation and decided to head off world to avoid further confrontation.

They headed for Korphir with the intent to find Prospero and see if he had work for them. Following the directions A’sha had provided, they landed uneventfully and located the nautolan in his offices. Jarek was initially concerned as this “Prospero” was not the same one he’d met on Pygorix. Prospero dismissed his concerns and advised them that while he was obliged to help them due to favours he owed to A’sha, he didn’t trust them to do the jobs he had at the level his reputation required.

Prospero offered them a simple job of returning with a missing courier. A “blue milk run” if you will. He had an courier that was overdue to return with important information on Imperial troop movements. The last contact had been from the agriworld of Atorra. They were offered 10,000 credits with a bonus of 2,000 more if they could get the courier back quickly.

Hoping to make the trip under the deadline, Del’nor and Loor calculated a risky astrogation route that cut the time in half. The trip was extremely rough on both the ship and the crew, but they made it with only minor scrapes and bruises.

Once they landed on Atorra, they immediately noticed a strong Imperial presence. Extremely strong for a backwater agriworld, even taking the recent events on Yavin into account. They hacked into a terminal and confirmed that their quarry had passed through customs several weeks ago, but there was no record of him leaving. Nik reached out to some former contacts in the underworld and came up lucky. He grabbed an address in a suburban apartment complex where the courier was hiding.

The party headed to the address only to be stopped short by an Imperial roadblock. The Stormtroopers had received a similar tip off and were in the process of searching the building. Racing against time, they raced up the stairwell to the twelfth floor and started searching the the apartments ahead of the Imperials. Loor headed up to the thirteenth floor with a plan to hold the elevator and give the others more time to search. After numerous failed attempts and awkward social interactions they eventually located the right apartment and hastily name dropped Prospero’s name in the hopes of convincing the courier’s compatriots that they weren’t working with the Imperials. A purple skinned twi’lek female eventually confided in them that the courier had already escaped into the duct work of the building and told them to piss off.

At that moment the elevator dinged. Time had run out.

Del’nor managed to unlock the door across the hall and they rushed in with seconds to spare. The sole resident, a young male human, was stunned by their presence and the guns in his face. They attempted to coach him into going along with a plausible story about why they were visiting with him but the combination of his drug induced haze and his fear resulted in a fairly monosyllabic vocabulary. Before they could do much else, the Stormtroopers opened the door and demanded to see their documents.

They were questioned as to why they were there, and the crew managed to deflect the stormtrooper’s line of questioning enough with a story that they were here to help their cousin get better. The trooper wasn’t convinced and started questioning the apartment’s owner. The strain of the situation finally permeated his drug addled brain and he cracked like an egg after the simplest of questions. He blurted out that the person the stormtroopers was looking for was across the hall.

The stormtroopers reacted immediately and started clearing the floor, taking everyone downstairs for processing. The troopers were irritated by the bottleneck that the single elevator was causing and overrode the other elevator, unknowningly summoning Loor from the floor above. Jarek took advantage of the momentary distraction and started a firefight by pushing one of the civilians into one of the troopers.

A long, messy firefight broke out with numerous civilian casualties and just as many misses due to the confined space. Eventually they overcame the stormtroopers without alerting the rest outside of the building. While Jal patched himself and Nik up, the rest of the crew managed to find the ductway escape route and made to follow after Rhee and the missing twi’lek.

After landing in a pile of refuse, the party waded through the muck and sewers following an ephemeral trail that Nik had picked up. In time they came back to daylight in an open market and were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the wily twi’lek and her chadra fan companion as they wove through the crowds. They Nik and Jarek stealthily closed on their quarry while the others held back and blended with the crowd. As Nik and Jarek got closer, they saw the courier get ambushed by a squad of stormtroopers. The twi’lek went down along with a couple of the troopers and they witnessed the courier raise his hands in surrender.

Not willing to give up on losing their meal ticket so readily, Nik and Jarek closed with the troopers. Jarek took one down with precision and Nik, in a dazzling feat of agility, leapt at the troopers and stabbed two of them simultaneously in the neck with his vibroblades, dropping them easily. While Jarek lined up another shot, Nik easily finished off the final trooper.

The party quickly checked the bodies but Rhee interrupted and advised that they needed to get out of there now! The crew quickly agreed and made their way to the Shrike without incident.

They broke atmo and started making plans to head for the rendezvous point when Rhee presented them with a dilemma. He was willing to give them all the info in his head and they could head to meet up with Prospero as long as they dropped him off along the way. Or, if they were interested, they could tag along with him and help him raid an ancient temple full of loot worth 5 times what they’d get for the delivery to Prospero. After dickering over the price, they eventually agreed to an amiable split.

As they prepared to enter in the new coordinates into the navicomp, Antares woke up from his hibernation and wondered what he’d missed…



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