Shadows In The Black

A Brief Respite

Time to heal up.

“Run!” screamed Jarek as he and Rhee charged out of the wrecked ship with the Droideka carrying the limp form of Nik.

The ground shook around them as they avoided Loor’s makeshift bomb on the grav sled field and jumped onto the ship just in time. The lava tube underneath the wreck collapsed and the whole complex disappeared into the lava.

They tossed Nik into the bacta tank as they broke atmo and Jarek brought them up to speed on their adventures trying to escape the ship. They had ran into some of the pirates on the way out and a few poorly aimed grenades had taken out a support structure which collapsed onto Nik. They’d used the droideka to dig him out and then had to find their way out again.

Once in space, they quickly debated chasing after Rickard and his boss or making the trek back through the nebula. After a short discussion they decided to head back and get paid.

The trip back was rougher than going in due to a miscalculation in the hyperspace coordinates and the ship barely held together. Eventually they returned to realspace and made their way to their rendezvous with Prospero.

While Prospero wasn’t pleased with the delay in getting the information back to him , he placed the blame more on Rhee and paid out for their efforts. Less than the group hoped for but enough to keep flying.

Once they had settled with Prospero, it was time to deal with the reason they were delayed: Rhee’s krayt dragon pearl.

Not trusting the squirrelly little chadra fan, Jal and Antares went with him to the meeting in an old mechanics shop in a less than savoury neighbourhood.

Rhee’s fixer bought the pearl at a heavily discounted price and he paid the group their cut. Again it was less than promised but more than they’d expected.

The group also used the fixer to move a lot of their accumulated gear and had plans to sell of the Droideka as well in exchange for some time with the fixer’s drydock.

While Jal and Antares were negotiating, the rest busied themselves around the port. Del’nor buried his head in his “project”; Jarek went shopping; Loor attempted unsuccessfully to increase his “family”; Nik continued to take up space in the bacta tank. There were occasional growls heard throughout the ship but no one saw the panther.

Overall it was a fairly lucrative run and was the first time in a long time the crew hadn’t been scrounging for scraps. They had money In their wallets and a relatively safe place to recuperate. They relaxed and became somewhat complacent

Jal transported the droideka back to the mechanics shop to prove to the fixer that they had one, but when he got there the building was engulfed in flames. The fire was too intense to check for survivors but the fixer, Rhee and his protocol droid D3 were all presumed to be inside. Hoping to not draw attention to himself, Jal quickly turned tail and headed back to the ship to let the others know.

As he was climbing on board, they got a message from Prospero saying that they’d been made and Dusan and his men were enroute to intercept them. They needed to get off planet fast.

Prospero said that he had a plan and would contact them once they got away.



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